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Best 5 BuddyPress Websites

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BuddyPress is an open source social network platform form the developers of WordPress. using BuddyPress you can easly do the following:

  • A campus wide social network for your university, school or college.
  • An internal communication tool for your company.
  • A niche social network for your interest topic.
  • A focused social network for your new product.
    • Here is best 5 websites which uses BuddyPress.

      CUNY Academic Commons

      The Academic Commons of The City University of New York is designed to support faculty initiatives and build community through the use(s) of technology in teaching and learning. The free exchange of knowledge among colleagues across the university is central to better educating the student body and expanding professional development opportunities for faculty research and teaching.

      Creating networks and support systems that are enabled by easy access to quality digital resources will nurture faculty development through sharing replicable materials and best practices. The Academic Commons is expected to grow in a flexible manner, taking into account the changing dynamics of political, social, cultural, and technological environments affecting the university. This evolving community will help prepare The City University of New York for the current and future educational challenges it faces.
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      While city guides such as Yelp grow and expand, there’s a need for personal, hand-picked recommendations. Plazaa wants to help. Plazaa let’s you find the best places in town, recommended by friends.
      Plazaa helps you find the best places in town, recommended by your friends! (currently in Germany only.)
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      Better Codes

      bettercodes.org aims to engage software developers to share their ideas and empower them to turn those ideas into code that works. It does so by connecting like-minded developers and enables them to collaborate on anything related to coding. We believe in the power of open source and the developer community. As an independent open source project we are not bound to any company, any kind of technology or any license model.
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      Solo Practice University

      Solo Practice University is a WordPress/BuddyPress-powered premium membership site, focused on building an educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students.

      With a focus on education for lawyers, the site uses the blogging features of WordPress MU along with the social features of BuddyPress providing more than 40 virtual classrooms.
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      GigaOM Pro

      GigaOM Pro is a WordPress/BuddyPress-powered premium research membership site, focused on four initial verticals: Mobile, Green IT, Infrastructure, and the Connected Consumer. A network of independent analysts provide in-depth research papers and research notes, which subscribers can view on the site or download as PDF documents.
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