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Better Alexa Ranking Tips for Your Own Website

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Alexa Ranking is one of the popular website ranking system provided by www.alexa.com, which is is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. Like other traffic raking systems Alexa Ranking also worked on the basis of number of visitors to a website.The ranking service offered by Alexa are free of cost. To use alexa ranking within you browser you need to install Alexa Toolbar which can download from alexa.com.

Alexa Toolbar Features

1) Shows the popularity of a website within the browser.
2) You can find similar audience websites
3) You can see past view of the websites using Wayback
4) You can write reviews on websites
5) Still its a free and trusted services which is using millions of users worldwide.

Free Traffic Tips See Video

Now we come back to our topic, how can increase Alexa Ranking of a website? You can do the following tips to get better Alexa Ranking for your Website.

Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking

  • Go to www.alexa.com and register your blog there, you need only a valid email ID for conformation. Once you registered you will get a conformation link from Alexa.com, just conform the registration by clicking the link.
  • Next thing is to download Alexa toolbar and install it on your computer. Commonly most browsers will support this toolbar. Once you installed Alexa toolbar make sure its properly setted to home page of your default browser.
  • Dont forgot to put an Alexa rank widget on you website/blog because each clicks will be treated a as visitor. If you are using WordPress then there are many plugins available to do this job.
  • Tell your friends to review and rate your Alexa website profile.
  • Buy links and banners from other some popular forums. this will drive more traffic to your site
  • Try to make your link in other blogs which have high Alexa Traffic Rank
  • If you have enough money for web promotion then try FullTraffic.net which offers high Alexa ranking programmes.

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