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Drew multipurpose landing page template

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DREW is a premium landing page template which cares much about design quality, functions, and the most important – your successful marketing campaign. There are 8 different header options for the long landing page – the video + form option is really slick and I bet it converts well.

The slideshow background will rotate 2 or more defined background images in your Hero section (or other sections). You can define as many background images as you want and also set the delay between each slide.

Use a video background instead of static images in Hero section (or other sections). Easily activate this video background mode with just a single flip in your HTML.


  • Main Headline
  • Supporting Headline
  • Reinforcement Statement
  • Closing Argument
  • Image/Video Promotion
  • Benefits Grids
  • Features Icon List
  • Social Proof
  • Lead Gen Form
  • Subscription Form
  • Click Through Action (CTA) Button
  • Countdown for Urgency/ Scarcity
  • Descriptive Section
  • 2 Columns Descriptive Section
  • How It Works Grids
  • Team Members
  • Pricing Table
  • Google Maps
  • Video Background
  • Slideshow Background
  • Parallax Effect
  • Animation
  • Preloader Screen
  • One Page Scroll Navigation

Demo Download

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