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How to Title a Blog

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What is blog title and How can make it Perfect

Writing a title for blogs are not a difficult task but writing a perfect title for both search engines and human is by no means an easy task. Without a good title your blog posts will not gain SEO benefits even you content is fresh and good.Here are some tips for every blogger to remember when titling a blog.

Make your blog title ‘Unique’

Try to write unique/original title because it will help to brand your blog.

SEO matter

Before writing blog title takes a quick keyword research and finds the trending keywords of your niche. Make sure that the keywords have high search volume in both global and local search. This will help you to increasing search engine ranking and drive organic visitors.

Short and Cute

Write your blog title cute and short. Some search engines only crawl 60 letters of title tag .So try to limit your blog title with in 60 characters including white spaces.

Avoid Stop words

Try to avoid stop words like (example:  the, In) which are ignored by the most search engines.

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