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Importance of Bounce Rate in Google Traffic Analytics

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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service by Google to analysis the traffic of a website. It is one of the popular website statistics service used by millions of websites across word. Google Analytics can track visitors from both direct traffic and traffic from search engines.

Integrated with AdWords, users can optimize online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions. Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file. These can also be monetized. By using GA, marketers can determine which ads are performing, and which are not, providing the information to optimize or cull campaigns.

Actually some years this software is made by Urchin Software Corp which is acquired by Google in April 2005. After the acquisition Google redesigned the Urchin Software and also add some more advanced options which we can see in Google Analytics Dashboard.

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is one of the important things to keep in mind while using Google Analytics. It is refer as the percentage of single-page visits in which the visitor left your site from the landing page. The status displays as percentage format in Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is 50% no problem you are running a good website and If bounce rate is around 75% then the meaning is you are probably running a site with not-so-interesting content. So rethink about the content on website/ blog.

There are many reasons for bounce and some of the major reasons are as follows:

  • By clicking on a link which redirects to another websites.
  • If user try to typing a new URL on address bar of browser
  • Hitting “Back” button of the browser
  • By closing current window
  • By timeout of Session / Cookies

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