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Simple Fine Tuning Steps for Websites Which Will Boost Traffic

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Are you running a website and wants to make more traffic to it? Here are some simple tips which will make your website better for everyday traffic. Traffic is different types which include Organic, Direct and referral etc. In this post we are focusing on pure Organic Traffic. (Mainly aiming Google, Yahoo and Bing Traffic).

Create a Attractive Headline

Creating a heading is one of the most important parts of a page/post. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing gives more important to headings in a page. It is recommended to include primary keyword for your page into headline. This will help search engines to identify what your page is about. Not only search engines a good heading will attract visitors also. Try to make your headings within h1, h2 tags according to your page layout.

Make Your Meta Description more Attractive

First impression is the best impression; remember major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing only display headings and meta description of a webpage. So a user from search engine reads it first and its attractive he/she will click the link. So meta description plays an important role in organic traffic. If you didn’t wrote any meta description search engines will automatically crawl the page content and set a portion as meta. Some times this will loose our traffic so write meta description correctly with keeping an aim to attract users from search engines.

Use Proper Meta Keywords

If meta description is for users then meta keywords are written for search engines. Most algorithm driven search engines allows developers to put a set of words which will tell the targeting keywords on a webpage. Writing proper keywords will help search engines to identify your page content more easily so find and write around 9 keywords as meta keywords. Some developers think more keywords will drive more traffic and they include 30 or 40 meta keywords which doesn’t help and also hurt the website from getting traffic. So instead of putting dozens of keywords you should write only around 9 words.

Include other related Links

It is a good trick to include a related link of your site after particular page/posts. The users will read the content and click to read next. This will increase our page views. If you are using content management systems like WordPress you can try some plugins which will show related posts from tags.

Use Images on posts

We say thousand words are equal to one image because an image will give overall idea of a page at a glance. Besides that you will get lots of visitors from image search. For example when we build a real estate portal called Karnataka Properties (www.karnatakaproperties) we included a module which automatically optimize uploaded images, after a couple of months the site gets very good traffic from Google and Yahoo image search. So don’t forgot to use images on posts.

Content is Important

Without a good content you cannot get higher positions on search engines. Many people’s are stolen contents from other websites and paste in own sites. Remember Google panda is a very advanced algorithm which especially wrote to track duplicate/bad quality content. We have a client who runs an auto blog which is developed by Vishmax Labs, he got 1000 to 1300 visitors per day in just 3 months but after 3rd month this auto blog caught by Google quality team and marked as blacklist. Thus the traffic go down from 1300 to 20, 26 per day. After contacting Google we confirmed the domain will never come on Google search results for several years and informing this to our client he agreed to quit the domain. From our experience we again saying don’t use copy paste content/auto blogs, it is not a permanent solution, so try to write quality content or just pay and purchase contents from copywriters.

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