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Simple Steps which Improve Your Website’s Usability

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Simple designs are always better than complex one because most users are not advanced in technical side. Always normal users like simple designs with more accessibility. They are visiting you site for finding some information and not seeing website graphics. Here is some useful tips for them who wish to make their website more user friendly.

Good Navigation

Website contains more than one page so it is necessary to make a navigation to connect these pages. Complex navigation designs make users more confused, so try to make simple easy readable navigation menus with minimal graphics. Don’t use flash for building menus because it is not search engine friendly. Today many designers are using jQuery library to build menus, usage of JavaScript in menus are also not better. So use simple html navigation with pure Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which is better for both a user as well as search engines. Always keep in mind a good navigation system will increase your page views so try to make website navigation more user friendly.

Flash and JavaScript

Make a minimal use of flash in overall webpage which means try to put a simple animation or a simple banner, don’t put more than one animation in pages. Flash animations will take more time to get loaded and it is not search engine friendly. If your site is slow sometimes visitors will quit the site and go to another one because most users are not ready for waiting to see a website and there are thousands of other websites. But usage of a flash animation is necessary in modern web design, so put a single animation which gives a quick idea of the entire site to users.
Like flash it is also recommended to use minimal use of JavaScript. Today most websites are using jQuery instead of flash because of its easiness on installing, updating etc. We also suggest to use jQuery for simple sliding, rotating animations instead of flash.

Graphics Usage

On making a website graphics plays an important role. The designer has complete right to select the graphics according to nature of website. For example if we are designing a charity web site then its better to pick a simple color combination with minimal graphics. On other hand if we are designing a photography website then we can use dark color combination with some graphic works. Any way using a heave graphic will make your site slow on loading. Did you ever compare Google and Yahoo on their designs? Most people like Google because of their less graphic usage, Google always focus on content not layout; Google Search, Gmail and Google Analytics are good example of this. So decide graphic according to nature of work.

Technology Selection

Selecting technology of a website is most important part in web design. Today Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the popular trend in web designing. Coding a website using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have much benefit than older method whish uses tables. CSS are light weight than tables and it is reusable.A CSS website will load faster on browser than a website which builds using tables, td etc. It is also search engine friendly because it uses very less code.
If you are building a dynamic website then choose proper Content Management System (CMS). WordPress, Joomla are two famous CMS which is available for free cost. Select Content Management System according to your needs both WordPress, Joomla are flexible but in some case you need to use your own coding for a website which is known as custom CMS. So having knowledge in PHP, ASP will definitely help you on future designing.

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