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The Gooey Effect multiple demos

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Here is a set of examples that use a gooey SVG filter for creating a variety of different effects for all kinds of website components. With SVG Filters we can modify a given source graphic with an operation (or more) and create an altered result. Every filter element in SVG contains a set of filter primitives that do some kind of graphical operation. The available SVG filter primitives are the following:

  • feBlend
  • feColorMatrix
  • feComponentTransfer
  • feComposite
  • feConvolveMatrix
  • feDiffuseLighting
  • feDisplacementMap
  • feFlood
  • feGaussianBlur
  • feImage
  • feMerge
  • feMorphology
  • feOffset
  • feSpecularLighting
  • feTile
  • feTurbulence
  • feDistantLight
  • fePointLight
  • feSpotLight

You can find working demo of above example by clicking below demo button and also view more details, download source by clicking download source button.

Demo Download Source

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