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Web Hacking and Prevention Tips

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Now a days website hacking is become a big headache for every web developers. Not only small sites but also some big players on web like Microsoft, Wikileaks.org also get hacked their websites. This is an exclusive post which covers what is hacking, who is hackers and tips to prevent hacking.

In simple words website hacking is a process of unauthorized access to a website and breaking it with a predetermined aim. Most of hackers are dong it for fun as well as challenge, but today it’s treated as organized crime.

The common web hacking methods

Through Vulnerable Web Hosting
There are thousands of websites are hosted in same web hosting company and if all the site is get hacked then the problem lies with the host. There may be some loop hole for hacker to gain access to any one of the website and using this to infect the other websites hosted in server. Usually this is a tough mission for hacker because most server providers are always alert and using updated prevention methods from their side. For example some hosting provider’s dose not allows you to include an http. Link which point some doubtful sites which they already marked. If you tried again to make a post with these link then your site will temporarily disabled by the hosting company. So there is only a minimal chance to get hacked the entire server by hacker if you are using a good web hosting service.

From Single Machine
Let us think another possible chance for getting hacked your website from your own or your web developer’s machine. For example if the hacker access your personal computer or your web developers one, which includes the confidential information’s like FTP, other details then also you may face the hacking. In this case a hacker commonly uses malwares and steals the saved passwords or makes the files infect. So always keep safe the machine with updated antivirus and try to double check the source code of the finished work (local host including java scripts, programming languages) before loading it to server.
Through Weak Passwords
If your website is using poor password then the chance of getting hacked is 98%. Try to use a strong password which includes alpha numeric combination for FTP, Control Panel including Databases and Webmail’s. If you are using more than one website then try to make different passwords for different websites. It is also strongly recommended by Vishmax Technologies to use different passwords for FTP, database, and control panel. Besides that try to change the password by periodically if possible.

If Your Content Management System Has Security Holes
All of us know the importance of Content management Systems (CMS). Content management Systems has many advantages and also some disadvantages. The famous Content management Systems like Word Press, Joomla is well tested in different environment and comes with security modes (no doubt both are well written), but still there is a chance to get hacked because the programming modules are same and the only design and content are changes for different sites. For example if you are using a Word Press CMS then another Word Press user always knows the login link to your site, because these links are common for WordPress.
If you are using the above CMS then you must do the following
security tips for better blogging.
Hide the CMS version
Hide the directory structure
Don’t share the database with multiple applications

Tips for Every Blogger

  • Always host your blog in a secured server, don’t try free hosting
  • Use better CMS and always keep your website with updating
  • Don’t send sensitive information like FTP details (including passwords) through mail.
  • Don’t use your FTP account in public/office computer.
  • Use different passwords for different FTP accounts.
  • Don’t respond to fake emails which related with your blogs information’s.
  • Always keep a backup of your blog/website with updated database.

Note: Remember No Website Is 100% Hacker-Proof

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