Fix 404 Errors in Google Webmaster Tools – (Solved)

This is a post which covers topics include what is 404 errors, how it occurs and Fixing 404 error in Google webmaster tool etc.

What is 404 Error?

404 errors is a type of error which indicates the requested url was not found on server. If you are running a website, or a blog then sometimes you may noticed the above error. Most website owners are trying to fix 404 errors from their site because a huge number of 404 errors will depress the visitors as well as search engines.

Possible Ways to get 404 errors

  • Deletion of a page or post and don’t use a 301 redirect.
  • Renaming the existing page or change the link structure of posts and don’t 301 redirect it
  • Making a false link within your site which is not exist in your website

The above three situations will definitely create a 404 error on your website. So check the links properly to ensure there is no 404 error in your site.

Google Webmaster Tool and 404 errors

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the best tools for evaluating your site for free. We assume that you are using Google Webmaster Tools. If you want to check 404 error exists in your website then you need to login to your webmaster account and look right side of your dashboard.

301 redirect

If your are getting some deep links to the error page (ie shown as broken) then its better to use a proper 301 redirect.Remember don’t use 301 redirect for all 404 errors in your website because it will make your site slow.

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