Google Adsense Tutorial

Google Adsense is a best tool for those who need extra money from online. It’s an advertisement network by Google Inc which includes rich formats of texts, images and videos etc.

How to set up an Adsense account

For starting Google Adsense you need a blog/website for publishing ads. This is the first step for every one who likes to make online income. Before going to following steps you must ensure that the site is fully working and there is no dead links.

After setting up your blog you must check the quality of content in your blog/website. There are many reports that now a days Google is rejecting the Adsense account creation request for those websites which didn’t meet Goggles quality guidelines policy. Please read Goggles AdSense programme policies before continuing next tips.

To getting Google Adsense account you need to apply online by visiting and fill out the form. You need only one account for a single website as well as multiple. Once you applied then wait for Google’s reply. The Adsense team will evaluate your website and send you an email within 4-5days. If your application is accepted then you can login to Google Adsense account panel immediately.

If they rejected you application then read the email carefully and resolves the problem. In that case you need a resubmission.
Once get approved login to your Adsense account and you can choose ads in different format and sizes.

Once you decided the ad just copy the JavaScript block and past on your web page where you want to display Google ads.

Adsense Preview Tools

If you want to preview your Ads use google preview for ads or use any other tools like “The Adsense Sandbox” which comes from Digital Point.
Remember don’t refresh and preview your own ads from same IP, it will make bad effect on your Adsense account.

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