How to Increase Alexa Ranking – A Quick Guide

Alexa Ranking is one of the hot topics among website owners because every one is trying to improve their blogs/websites rank. Today a website/blog is evaluated on the basis of Alexa ranking. So here is a post especially for those people who want to improve Alexa ranking.
Following are some important Tips to improve Alexa Rank of a website.

Alexa Toolbar Installation

Alexa is using a tool which is called “Alexa toolbar” to collecting information’s of websites. When a visitor who visit your website from a Alexa toolbar installed browser then got information’s about the page views, time spend on site etc. So visiting website from a Alexa toolbar installed browser will definitely improve your Alexa rankings. (Download toolbar now). Besides self installing Alexa toolbar recommend it to your friends/ partners.

Claim your blog on Alexa Site

After installing the toolbar the next step to claim your website/blog on which will help Alexa to know more about website. After the calming will show more details about your site on your page at For calming your site at Alexa .com click here.

Edit you site listing on Alexa

After successful claiming don’t forgot to edit your websites title and discreption.Besides doing this you must try to encourage your website visitors to make testimonials/ review on your listing page on Alexa.

Webmaster Forums

Join Webmaster Forums and become an active member. Try to post related contents on forums and make sure that all your post has a back link to your blog/site. If getting some visitor from forums will definitely improve your Alexa Rank because all most webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed on their machine .

The above are some best tips to increase Alexa ranking, if you have any suggestion/ Tips for increasing Alexa ranking kindly inform us so we can update ourself.

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