Optimize PDF Files – Tips for Optimizing PDFs For Web

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the best ways to publish content including images which is developed by Adobe Systems. It is one of the popular formats which are used in website. Portable Document Format (PDF) is able to provide view of documents in page by page model which looks similar to printed format.

Tips for Optimizing PDFs

Use a text-base PDF creator

Try to use a text-base PDF creator other than Adobe Photoshop. This is the first stage for optimizing PDF for a web use.

Keywords as PDF document titles

Try to use some keywords for the title of PDF, because most popular search engines are capable to crawl your PDF text contents. For example just try keyword “the java” in Google, and then it will display “The Java™ Language Specification” from java.sun.com. So don’t forgot to write your titles in PDF when its optimize for web.

Importance of depth of content

Like any other web pages content you must include a well written content for your PDF with proper keywords. Already we explained the importance of keywords in previous point. Nothing to do more just treat it like a web page.

Importance of links in PDF

Not only content you must put relevant links and check twice the links is working other wise it will not useful for web optimization purpose

PDF size and search engines

Try to limit your PDF within a standard size, it will make easy things to search engines and your content will be crawled faster. Remember that limiting the size dose not means the lack of content. So always think about the standard size.