Web Design Tips for making better Web Pages

Web design is the process of developing a web page or a website.Today this is one of the biggest media for advertising and communication.In this Internet age people spend most of their private time in browsing. If your website design /layout is poor they will never come back to your site. So it is important to create website user-friendly and informatics.Here are some common tips for web designers keep in mind while developing a new site.

1.Selecting Layout

The first and one of the most important part of web design.This is the section where you must determine how your new website may look. It includes the stricture (blueprint) of website or we can compare it to drawing a plan for new house/building. So foundation is very important. At this stage you can determine your site navigations, colour schemes etc.. So before starting the work in computer took a piece of rough paper and draw the layout several times. Once the outline is fixed then take it to your computer and convert to html.

2. Flash Animations

Using minimal of flash works will keep your website more search engine friendly and professional.If you use heavy weight animation it will take more time to get loaded and it is not sure the visitor will wait until that time.

3.JavaScript usage

It is clear without any doubt that today’s website needs JavaScript, but you can optimize its usage. For example instead of writing custom JavaScript codes you can use some JavaScript library like jQuery, Mootools (one of the super lightweight web2.0 javascript framework.). It will save your time also.

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